Skydiving – Are you ever too old?

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Jumping out of an aircraft at 15,000 feet can seem like hell to some people, but for others with a thirst for that adrenaline rush, it can seem like their idea of heaven!  To fulfil that need for thrills and excitement, this extreme sport will provide adrenaline junkies with that all important hit, and they’ll get the rush that they enjoy.  If you have a need for speed and aren’t afraid of heights, then this particular activity could be just the one for you.

Skydiving is usually the first extreme sport most people will have a go at, mainly because it’s so easily accessible.  As your first jump would be tandem with an experienced instructor, you’ll be made to feel safe under the protection of a professional.

You may really want to give it a try but feel that you’re too old, or perhaps a parent or a grandparent has expressed an interest.  Is there any age restriction?  The answer is no (although if you are under 16 it is unlikely that you’ll find a skydiving company that will allow you to jump).  There are obviously health checks and questions to go through, but your skydive company will inform you of any requirements, and depending on your general health, may ask you to get permission from your doctor before they make any commitment to letting you jump.  Age really doesn’t seem to matter too much; you’ll be far more likely to be given the go ahead if you’re a fit and healthy person no matter how many years you’ve tallied up.  Youth does not count in your favour if you’re not within a healthy weight range – you could well be in your late teens or early twenties – that won’t matter a jot if you’re very overweight or obese – you’ll almost certainly be exempt from jumping.

As with any new venture (or adventure) it’s important to do some research.  Read as much as you can about the subject, and understand the basics about your chosen sport.  Your chosen skydiving school will guide you on everything you need to know and you’ll of course have to sign a disclaimer of some description.

Once your jump is booked, and the day has arrived, you’ll be taken through a thorough briefing.  It’s important to listen carefully to everything that you’re being told, and this is the time to raise any questions you may have.  After that, the real fun begins!  Your harness will be fitted to you in readiness to be connected to your instructor.  Once in the plane, you’ll have to reach an altitude of between 10000 and 17000 feet before you jump, at which time your instructor will clip you safely to their harness, where you will stay until you reach terra firma!  You’ll exit the plane and free fall at around 120 miles per hour.  The instructor will deploy the parachute after around 30 seconds or 5000 feet from the ground and then safely steer you back to the landing area.

If one jump isn’t enough, then speak to your instructor.  You can find out how to become certified, and jump solo!  Or maybe even get some friends, family or colleagues in on the act.  Charity can benefit greatly from this extreme sport through sponsorship.  The more of you taking part, the greater the total raised.  You could even make a prize giving event of it, presenting trophies to all who dare to brave the dizzy heights! It isn’t cheap, and it isn’t for the faint hearted, but time and investment will lead to some valuable and exciting experiences!

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