Why Brandon Drawz Swimming Believes Michael Phelps as the God of the Game?

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Just like every war has its hero, every century has its personality, every class has its best student, every sport has its star, who performed the best he could throughout and went beyond the constraints of time and booked his name in the pages of history. That is precisely what Michael Phelps did in swimming, and his 23 Olympic gold medals speak for his performance. The sports Swimming is currently rich because of him, and the day he resigns, it will get poorer, believes Brandon Drawz Swimming.

Apparently, there will be someone, who will carry his legacy hopefully, but that doesn’t give the scope to deny the contribution he has made for the game. However, in the right sense, the real sports enthusiasts believe that his contribution is yet to be realized. Many little kids have taken inspiration from this utterly handsome swimmer, and it is the American teenage population that is showing how it is in the Olympic Games that was held in 2016.

In fact, the Rio Games was the fifth Olympic event that he was participating in, and it was the time when he started fighting with his own best. Brandon Drawz, who is an avid follower of his every game, believes him to be a God. He is that old soul who has devoted his everything to swimming, and that is proved when he didn’t even think twice before swimming with a shark. However, charting all his performance specifically in the Olympics, it is easily visible how he has grown over the time with every Olympics he has participated in.

Most of the swimmers are found to reach their peak at the age of 21. However, when Phelps won his first gold in Olympics at Beijing, he was already 23. In fact, in some of the interviews, he acknowledged the fact that he started evolving and giving the best of his performance since 2009. There’s a lot of credit given to the technology as well since there were the hi-tech, buoyant swimsuits which came in and around 2009. But it wasn’t just Phelps who was wearing them. Every swimmer had it, but still, Phelps could leave his mark every time he dived in. Even though the personal best achieved in Beijing couldn’t be matched by him in Rio, but he matched to the figures to some extent.

Over the years, Phelps has undoubtedly been affected by the age, and his endurance has somewhere gone down. As a result of this, it is now the shorter races where he still leaves his mark with no one yet to match him. For Brandon Drawz swimming has found its hero in Michael Phelps, and with every Olympics to watch, this man has risen from the ashes to be in his glory. With sixteen years of Olympian experience and twenty-three gold medals, he still proves that he’s the most exceptional of all swimmers that the fraternity has observed.

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