Brief Overview about Beach Volleyball Game

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Beach volleyball is a completely different game than indoor 6 on 6 volleyball. One obvious difference is the fact that it is played outside in the elements. So you have many other factors to consider such as wind and sun. These are the 2 main reasons that teams switch sides on multiple of 7 in the middle of games. One side will always have an advantage over the other side because the sun will be in one teams eyes or the wind will be in favor of one side more than the other. So to eliminate these advantages or disadvantages teams switch sides when the sum of both teams points add up to 7 or multiples of seven.

For example, when the score is 8 to 6 the teams will switch sides. Or if the score is 14 to 14 or even 14 to 0 they will switch sides to keep everything fair. That’s not the only difference from indoor to outdoor volleyball, the whole game is different as far as rules go. For example in beach volleyball you can’t open hand tip, set the serve, side set over the net or have sloppy looking sets. Everything must be clean and the set should not spin. That is why they allow you to hold the ball a little longer in Niagara Beach Volleyball because they want it to come out clean.

Indoor volleyball players learn how to do rolls on the ground when they dive for a ball. In sand you will never need to roll and frankly you don’t have time to be rolling in sand. Because the surface is much softer you can simply dive and you won’t have to worry about getting injured. You want to stay low when playing defense, but not on your heels. If someone shoots the ball you will get there faster if you stay low instead of standing up all the way and then running over to get the ball. In the time it takes you to straighten your legs to stand all the way up you could have taken one step. Everyone naturally stands up and then runs, so this is something you will need to consciously work on until it becomes habit. A lot of good indoor volleyball hitters play beach volleyball and hate it because they can’t get out of the sand to hit a ball even though they are well over 6 feet tall.

In indoor volleyball when you approach to hit a ball you jump forward and end up landing either a foot or many feet in front of where you started your jump. When playing beach volleyball you will have to learn how to jump straight up with little to no forward movement in the air. Because you are jumping from an unstable surface you will notice that your sink a few inches before you take off and this will greatly decrease how high you can get.

So when you approach you want to hit harder with your last 2 steps. The idea is to pack the sand under your feet as hard and as fast as possible so you have something a little more solid to jump from which will result in a higher vertical in the sand. This will feel different at first but the sooner you learn to stomp hard before you jump, the sooner you will be able to get your feet out of the sand. Don’t get discouraged if you feel sluggish when starting to play sand volleyball, your legs will get accustomed to it and you will get faster in the sand then you were on the court.

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